There is massive competition among cloud storage providers that promise superior privacy and better regulations. Cloud storage is an indispensable tool for businesses that offer remote work or generate tons of data. How do you get started with the right cloud service provider?

Choosing a cloud service provider

Most people will compare the storage capacities to the price to ensure they are paying for the right features. Some cloud services have extremely pricey packages, while others offer cheap yet unsecure options. Some cloud service providers allow one to modify the stored content, replicate content or easily retrieve data at a moment’s notice. What are you looking for when picking a cloud storage service?


This storage platform offers powerful data analytics tools and storage options. You can archive data in concrete storage spaces and use analytical tools to view the reports from different angles. The storage cloud system targets different kinds of markets and is usually best for media and entertainment, education, and sciences with several performance metrics.

Reasons we use Qumulo for cloud data storage

Sufficient space

When choosing a service provider, the first thing to look at is the amount of space in each storage package. Most cloud services will offer free space up to a specific volume, then charge increasing amounts as you use more space. How affordable is your preferred storage service? Our storage automatically warns when you reach a limit and has affordable prices to get as much volume as you need.


Do you need a cloud service that allows you and your employees to share content? Qumulo is a common choice for businesses because it gives users space and features to diversify their usage. The platform offers the option of sharing content with as many users as possible and does not limit the size of the file you should share.


Cloud storage is one of the best technological innovations and one of the most vulnerable to cybercrimes. A considerable proportion of businesses suffer significant losses because they work with essential storage providers and do not invest in better security protocols. Qumulo has inbuilt security features with complex encryption tools, so the data is safer from external threats like eavesdropping. No one should access and manipulate the data without using the proper channels, which aim to protect information and offer adequate security features.

Technical efficiency

The cloud network can suffer from technical threats like any other technological platform. You need cloud services with enough systems and features to mitigate all possible threats. Similarly, it would help if you also had an IT team such as GPL Tech to look for technical errors and have enough systems and tools to manage different kinds of data. We know how to detect foul play in any cloud system and offer many integrations and skills that are important to your data.

Cloud storage is handy for any data, especially with a team that expertly manages different technical issues. Contact us online to book a consultation on how we can work with your business for better operations.

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