5022 Mellifluous Pro Clearphonic HD Headset for Direct Connect Telephones


The Mellifluous Pro Binaural Headset™ is the entry level into ClearPhonic Headsets and our exclusive Chameleon Sound Signature. Designed specifically at giving enterprise call centers the most comfortable user experience in both feel and sound, the Mellifluous Pro takes reliability, HD clarity & comfort to a new level.

As it’s name means, the Mellifluous Pro™ has a “smooth rich flow” to its sound. This headset offers a good mix of lows, mid-range and highs for a nice Joie de Vivre (Energy & Life) audio experience.

The Mellifluous Pro ClearPhonic Headset™ is extremely lightweight and comfortable. It features two oversized HD wide-band speakers designed to increase articulation where necessary for clear & concise conversations.

Like all ClearPhonic Headsets, the Mellifluous Pro™ comes standard with PlastiFlex mic boom & Earshot exclusive Voice Trap noise-canceling microphone. This “smart” mic design traps only the human voice frequency range.

The Mellifluous Pro headset™ arrives standard with a posh pull string canvas bag for storage, two completely different style ear pad sets (high quality thick leatherette as well as an extra thick hypo-allergenic die cut center foam) & an adhesive headset hanger.

Key Features

  • Universal compatibility on any telephone or telephone system with a dedicated headset jack on the telephone via the proper Direct Connect cord (See Compatibility Guide below)
  • The Clearphonic HD Mellifluous PRO call center grade headset has been engineered and manufactured for maximum comfort, resilience, durability, and unsurpassed sound clarity. This headset features our exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock Protection for optimum safety, premium sound performance and all-day wearing comfort.
  • Over-sized 36mm 150 ohm Digital Wide-Band speaker with neodymium magnet, 105 SPL +/- 3dB, Freq. Response Curve of 70 Hz – 8.7 Khz, Earshot exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock Protection for optimum safety, premium digital sound and superior all-day wearing comfort.
  • Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing (-51dB +/- 3dB sensitivity) – traps only the human voice rejecting all other noise and renders a full-spectrum “Live” voice delivery for the user.
  • Available with Plantronics, Jabra or Chameleon quick disconnect connectors
  • Posh pull string canvas bag for storage
  • Adhesive headset hanger, Hypo-Allergenic foam & leatherette ear pads included.
  • Two Year limited warranty.


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