5008 Euphonic Pro Binaural Wide-Band Headset


The Euphonic Pro Binaural Headset™ is the first choice of enterprise call centers today requiring the highest comfort & clarity headsets in a cost effective lightweight two ear design.

A lot of response in a small design, the Euphonic Pro™ delivers a small amount of appealing distortion to give the user a “smooth” yet “sweet” audio experience. A tremendous amount of detail has been put into the audio design of these small speakers to reproduce sound as accurately as possible while maintaining the exclusive Chameleon Sound Signature.

The Euphonic Pro headset™ has a newly designed PlasticFlex™ microphone boom and Airlite™ headband.

The new Airlite headband™ is extremely lightweight and comfortable while increasing the overall diameter of the earpieces resting on the users ears. Extra thick leatherette ear cushions help create a very “full” sound whether used on a telephone or VoIP system/application.

Like all Chameleon Headsets™ designed products, the Euphonic Pro™ comes with our exclusive Voice Trap™ noise-canceling microphone. This “smart” microphone design traps only the human voice frequency range.

Key Features

  • 23mm digital speakers (150 ohm) with neodymium magnet, 102 SPL +/- 3dB, Freq. Response Curve of 70 Hz – 5Khz, and exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock Protection for optimum safety and premium sound performance.
  • Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing (-51dB +/- 3dB sensitivity) – traps only the human voice rejecting all other noise and renders a full-spectrum “Live” voice delivery for the user.
  • The industry’s best and most reliable patent pending Rapid Release™ Connector that features spring loaded gold plated contact pins and nylon embedded ABS housing that has been tested and guaranteed to withstand over 200,000 plug/unplug cycles.
  • A 280° rotating PlastiFlex™ microphone boom for extended life & the industry’s highest rated microphone boom rotational ratchet to ensure consistent placement of the microphone for the entire life of the headset.


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