Law Firm Document Management

On a daily basis, law firms have their cabinets filled with documents, making it hard to access random and improbable documents. And This also leads to poorly secured file sharing, loss of essential details, and bloated and obese filing plans.

Document management in law firms has been more of a pain in the neck. These legal practitioners desire to have document management software that helps them make records without going through the stress of paper documenting, have a reliable documentary base, get a good archive for the management of their digital documents, secure sensitive documents or essential files, digitize with probative value, provide good management of access rights in complete security, have adequate oversight of storage of customer records archives, have an automatic document retention periods, have a 100% successful document search and perform full-text search electronic documents.

However, all of these are achievable with our cloud-based legal document management software.

How Our Legal Document Management Software Works

Our legal document management software offers an in-built organizational system for documents. It affords law firms the ability to associate documents with case files and make these documents accessible to only a few selected firm users. Embedded in this software are features like document versioning. More robust systems often include document versioning, audit trails that helps to track user access to documents. They also possess the ability to create, annotate, and collaborate on legal documents with less stress in document collaboration and sharing, converting software into optically scanned digital format, and other great features.

Using the latest legal document management software, law firm users and their associates can create legal case files by simply using common word processing software and then storing them with specific metadata.

Automatically, each file will be numbered, saved in an archive, and versioned. The software will also keep a copy of all the previous versions to afford legal users to review their documents to help modify them later.

What Can Good Automated Management of Your Clients' Files and Archives Save?

Perhaps, you've been asking for the benefits of document management services in law firms, and it is essential to know that aside from the luxury of space it provides for law firms, it also helps to;

  • Saves time
  • Easily juggle between paper and digital archives.
  • No longer classifying or naming files: the robot takes care of everything.
  • Have detailed access management
  • Have an automated retention schedule based on the lifecycle of documents and files
  • Digitize faithfully with probative value
  • Manage active paper and digital files in harmony with your business tools
  • Fully sort your archives in accelerated mode (concept deposited) for an immediate ROI

Do you desire to get the best legal document management software for your law firm? At Scanoptics, we offer effective law firm document management services. We have the latest digital document management software to ensure that your legal case files are well secured and prevented from loss.

Contact Scanoptics for the most intelligent data management.



Law firm document management

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